Pathways to Intimacy:

Is this an erotic workshop?

Our work is not specifically focused on sexuality, but rather on the multiple ways we can form deep and meaningful connections. This includes physical, sensual, emotional, energetic and interpersonal intimacy. When you invest time integrating these pathways into your ways of interacting with your partner(s), it leads also to sexually fulfilling relationships.

Is there nudity?

None required. But the exploration of the qualities and intentions of touching that lead to deeper intimacy will naturally feel more rewarding if clothing does not get in the way. You will always have the choice to wear what feels comfortable to you…and you will always be encouraged to risk revealing a little more of yourself in order to gain a lot.

Is this just for couples?


It is for all men who want to develop skills and awarenesses that lead to more intimacy.

You may be;

  • single, longing to find the right man to be in a relationship with, and recognize that the right man won’t be able to find you until you learn to open yourself
  • single, happy to be playing the field, but still wanting to get more satisfaction out of each sensual/romantic/sexual encounter
  • just starting a new relationship and bringing your partner so that both of you get useful skills to get started well
  • in a good partnership, and wanting ideas and practices that will take you to new depths of connection
  • in a long term relationship that needs a shot in the arm to feels as intimate and as sensually fulfilling as it once did

Will I have to share intimate details of my life?

Nothing you don’t want to share. But the intimacy you seek only arises out of sharing your vulnerability with others in a safe space. In these workshops we work on safety within the group and in each partnership first…physical, emotional, energetic and group safety. To the degree you reveal what is really important and authentic for you, and learn to feel comfortable allowing your inner self to be seen, to that degree will you begin to share true intimacy. And this is not a static situation. Safety and vulnerability must be continually rediscovered with each new partner and in each new situation. Isn’t that exciting?

Will I be able to participate if I don’t move easily?

The aspects of the workshop experience that involve movement are purely self-directed, and intended to build self awareness. There are no specific movement skills you need in advance. Just a willingness to expand your capacity to feel and be guided by your own pleasurable body sensations in each moment. What you discover in your own body experience will bring you naturally into authentic and intimate relationships with partners.

Will I have to partner with guys I’m not attracted to?

Initial attraction has little to do with learning the skills of building intimate relationships. In fact it is often in the way. It is more useful to practice these skills with men you are not immediately attracted to, so you won’t be distracted from what you are learning. Exploring these pathways with a succession of new partners helps you learn to form rich connections with any man you want. What starts off as a group of strangers quickly becomes a community.

Can you accommodate my physical disability?

It depends on whether you are able to make your way around the retreat center on your own. We will do our best to help if we can, and are committed to helping all men of all abilities to find deeper intimacy with each other, but please contact us in advance to be sure the necessary supports for your participation can be provided in this group setting. If not, it may be possible to set up individual mentoring.