Practices, philosophies, teachers, and books that have shaped our work:

Meditation – Insight/Vipassana (Roger) and Transcendental/TM (Nick)

The Trager Approach – An Approach developed over a lifetime of experience by Dr. Milton Trager. An integrated set of principles that give deep meaning to lightness, freedom, ease, and peacefulness. An approach to movement education, to presencing, to bodywork, to touch, to healing, to connecting, to working, to living. “Movement as a way to agelessness.”

Continuum Movement – Developed by Emily Conrad and Susan Harper. An exploration of our deepest fluidity, our innermost sensing, our sounding, breathing, and basking in the resonant field.  “A fluid body holds no disease.’

Non-Violent (Heart-Centered) Communication (NVC) – Marshall Rosenberg’s work on identifying basic, underlying needs, noticing our strategies in meeting those needs, and choosing to focus on the need that connects us together in this moment. A powerful tool for resolving conflict.

The Enlightenment Intensives – Dyads of deep listening. Awakening to who we really are.

Sacred Intimacy – The Body Electric School – Originated by Joseph Kramer, Teaches Taoist energetic and erotic practices that cultivate the capacity for multiple orgasms. Peak non-ejaculatory, erotic experiences built on dynamic breathwork and their transformative aftermath. Trains men to serve as Sacred Intimates in a healing/therapeutic context.

Tantra – An ancient and contemporary philosophy of living. Following on the writings and workshops of Rudy Ballentine, Margo Anand, Osho and others. Tantric non-dualism as a structure for spiritual practice. The mundane and the sacred are equally valuable vehicles for the development of consciousness and self-realization. Tantric living weaves seeming opposites into a rich and rewarding tapestry — body and mind, erotic and spiritual, desire and acceptance, poetic and prosaic, innocent and sophisticated, movement and stillness, song and silence, masculine and feminine.

Surrogate Partner Therapy – The International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA)  trains professional surrogate partners for clients seeking to resolve problems in the arena of sexual functioning, intimate communication, and healthy relationship building. The organization advocates for professional and ethical practice.

The ManTantra Letters – by Victor Bliss and Nathan James

Sex Happens – Arlen Keith Leight, PhD

Deeper Dating – by Ken Page

Mirror of Intimacy – by Alexandra Katehakis and Tom Bliss