Who Are We?

Nick and Roger have been building a conscious, open and deeply intimate relationship since 2007. We are each long-time meditators, and are trained as Sacred Intimates through The Body Electric School.

Nick’s life experience as a husband, father, partner and Sacred Intimate have led him to a place of embodied leadership in the community of sexual minority men.

Roger has for three decades led workshops that focus on professional and personal growth through movement, awareness and touch. He teaches the Trager(R) Certification Training Program in intensive seminars around the world. In addition, he is certified as a Surrogate Partner, working with gay men as an adjunct to sex/intimacy therapy. For further information about this work see www.SurrogatePartnerTherapy.com.

Nick: “I embrace and celebrate my sexuality in openness to connection with both men and women. As a healer, I help others cast aside old habits and stories that constrict their ability to live full and rich lives.”  

Roger: “I teach through the body itself, by means of experience. I tell my clients to let their bodies inform their minds, rather than their minds censoring their bodies…then find connection through the language of touch.”

Both: “What we teach is what we practice, what informs our relationship, and what we are still working on. None of it have we fully mastered.