What’s this work about?

Nick & Roger  6/10/2016

Our work is about men learning to access deeply satisfying connection and intimacy with other men.  For some, a satisfying connection is heavily focused on the erotic.  For others, emotional and spiritual aspects of connection are paramount.  We teach practices that empower an individual to connect from the heart, in mind and body, with conscious intention.

What practices do you need to prepare yourself for more open and available connection with other men?  How can you become better skilled at using language and touch in building and sustaining intimate relationships?  We explore these and many other questions in our workshops.

Being a couple of curious guys, ever seeking to expand our horizons, we’ve taken a lot of workshops…tantric spirituality; psycho-therapeutic sexuality; sensual touch; relationship building; sacred intimacy. These were helpful and fun, but in the end we came away feeling the real issues of intimacy had not been adequately addressed.  We had not found the guidance for building the particular male/male connection we sought in our own relationship. We hadn’t come away with tools to help us trust a deeper emotional vulnerability with each other…skills like how to give and receive touch with confidence, sensuality and pleasure; the ability to listen compassionately and without judgment, even when deeply held viewpoints are at stake; being able to say what we really want, even when words don’t come easily; tools to guide us as our erotic interests evolve and our collective consciousness deepens with aging.

Our strong desire to deepen our connection led us to further explore and adapt some of the practices of touch, communication and presence we had learned in previous trainings…ultimately crafting a set of simple practices that are the foundation of our work.  Not surprisingly these pathways to intimacy continue to bring us closer together.